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Cinematic UX

The process behind making a blockbuster film is similar to creating a meaningful website or app. Through the lens of cinema, we’ll walk through practical ways that UX design teams can work together to deliver an award-winning final product. Whether you’re making a low-budget indie for a non-profit or the next summer smash for a Fortune 500, we can learn a thing or two from film.

We’ll take two approaches

  1. a deep look at the filmmaking process and the lessons learned from over a century of refining roles, and
  2. the challenged wrought by the independent and digital film revolution and its similarities to the commoditization of modern web and application design.

What we’ll cover

  • A nano-history of filmmaking
  • The key roles and contributions in film and their UX counterparts, e.g. Director, Screenwriter
  • Are you Michael Bay or Wes Anderson?
  • The agile production process of film vs. the original waterfall process and how that translates to modern UX
  • The scope and importance of pre-production
  • Building, coaching, and leading the right size team for your end-goal (indie vs. blockbuster and how can become the other)
  • The evolution of filmmaking and styles and how it relates to modern UX
  • Dealing with “everyone’s a filmmaker” mentality and how it’s entering the web and UX industry
  • Prestige, awards, craft, schlock, and something for everyone
  • Learning from cinema’s mistakes and triumphs, without the popcorn

You’ll come away with

  • Practical lessons for building a website or app in a non-linear fashion
  • Overcoming the inner critic to get things done
  • Skills for planning and hands-on project management that work for teams of 1 or 100
  • Getting your vision across to everyone involved with less friction
  • A renewed perspective of web and UX design’s future

Session Information

October 30, 2015 at 1:15 pm

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