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Designing for Difficult Experiences

When designing products, we’re often looking for ways to add delight. But it’s important to account for the full range of emotional reactions people may have, depending on what they’re going through. In recent work we’ve done at Facebook, we’ve gained compassion as well as opportunities to design for some of life’s most complex experiences, such as suicidal thoughts and the passing of a loved one.

We’ll talk about how to incorporate more emotional sensitivity into your approach. You’ll get insight on:

  • Addressing tough situations, even if you haven’t gone through something similar
  • Building products that are meant to bring joy while being considerate of cases where they might bring unintended heartache instead
  • Developing UI that feels relevant, empathetic and supportive
  • Making uncomfortable or painful experiences just a little bit better

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October 29, 2015 at 10:30 am

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