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The Yes Diet™ – How Saying No Can Make You More Abundant

As professionals, our big picture and bottom line rely on the word NO. It’s our weapon of success and knowing when and how to say it is one of the most important skills you can cultivate in business, particularly for people who are innately “givers” and “pleasers.” But saying NO doesn’t come easy. We’re surrounded with triggers to say YES that often lead us down a professional path of overwhelm, burnout, and contempt.

Putting yourself on a YES DIET™ has paramount effects: People respect you and your time more. And more significant, it makes your YES more meaningful when you do say it, making you and your expertise more valuable. You organically become a specialist, not a generalist, and in turn can generate more revenue and joy in your business.

It’s time to say NO from a place of power so you can say YES from a place of freedom.

During this session and walkthrough of the YES DIET™, you will:

  • Get the blueprint for becoming a sought-after professional
  • Identify & overcome the triggers that cause you to say yes when you should say no
  • Discover more ideal pricing structures and set more appropriate fees for yourself
  • Learn why you need to strip information from its pedestal
  • Evaluate your opportunity costs so you only do the things that bring you joy and money
  • Get strategies for setting perimeters that benefit all stakeholders
  • Eliminate business burdens and relationship that hold you back
  • Gain a to-do list and productivity strategy that will make you more efficient
  • Cultivate a lifestyle of making everything earn its spot

Session Information

October 29, 2015 at 2:30 pm

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