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You Can’t Afford Not to Prototype

We all know the potential positive impact prototyping can have on creating a good user experience, but unfortunately “potential” doesn’t always equal action. This happens because prototyping is often just seen as a process to determine if an application is “cool” or if users like it.

User testing while being an integral part of a project, is not the sole reason to prototype. Prototyping should be used as a tool to create solutions that are good for the overall project.

We have endless tools and services at our disposal to prototype that should be making our jobs easier, but as budgets and timelines shrink, prototyping is typically left on the cutting room floor, resulting in projects that end up going even more over-budget and timeline than ever before.

In this workshop, we’re going to go over why your company can’t afford to cut out or completely ignore a deliberate prototyping process. We’ll review the best ways to test to save your budget while still creating an optimum user experience and value for your clients or customers.

The specifics we’ll cover:

  • How prototyping can save your project budget and timeline

  • Evaluating the best method of prototyping for the given problem

  • What to prototype

  • When to prototype in an agile process

  • Knowing when you have prototyped too far

This talk is for students, new or practicing UX designers, product and project managers, and anyone else working on projects from large content websites to products.

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October 29, 2015 at 3:30 pm

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