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Joel Sadler

Joel Sadler

Joel Sadler works with a brilliant team at Telogical Systems out to change the way display advertising is done in telecom.  His days are filled with TLAs* like DSP, DMP, WTF, DCO, DCM, and OMG in an never ending quest to master the art & science of delivering the right message to the right person at the right time – and for the right price.

It hasn’t always been this way, though.  After graduation from Davidson College, Joel traveled the country in a conversion van (complete with VHS player) before spending a year teaching English in China.  He joined Telogical in 2005. Six years later Joel stepped away to start his own companyBound, and live in Paris.  Like you do.

Back at Telogical by popular demand**, Joel loves living and working in Charleston, SC.  When not at the keys of his beloved MacBook Pro, he is collaborating with cool people on cool notebooks and t-shirts, virtually teleporting between social events, proudly walking his Yorkshire Terrier, playing soccer, or otherwise getting into mischief.  Oh yeah, and #knolling.

*Three Letter Acronyms

**This claim has not been substantiated by anyone at Telogical.

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