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Jono Young

Jono Young

Apart from his work as a User Experience Designer at SPARC, Jono Young is a wood carver turned chainsaw artist who has learned how to succeed fast by designing solutions that save time, feel good & make money. He takes a huge amount of pride in craftsmanship, communication and killing two birds with one stone.

Jono is an Agile UX & Web/App designer by degree, and former member of an Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) team where he focused on creating Professional Services as a Subscription (PSaaS). He is best known for Jonoisms, creating “Indestructible Design,” and “Around the World in 120 Characters” and co-authoring “52 Tweaks in 52 Weeks.”

Jono is currently starting his own publishing company called WePiphany Books™ where he aims to share his secrets, insights and potentially change the way we consume published media.

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