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Evolving Old School Brands for (Frickin’) Millennials

Do clients keep asking you what they should do to engage the millennial market? Do they shrug off your answer? Do you shrug off the question?

Millennials aren’t just “those damn teenagers” anymore. They’re a driving force behind the future of marketing, technology and, um…the world. It’s time to start taking them seriously.

As long-established and traditional brands watch their current constituent groups shrink over the next 5 years, they’re going to start asking tons of questions – and likely already are. We’ll share what we’ve learned helping organizations get their stakeholders (internal and external) on board with change — and how to go about creating designs and messaging that engage multiple generations.

As an extra bonus, we’ll throw in some tips for keeping the excitement alive on long projects.

Learning Objectives

  • Why you should care what millennials think
  • How to design for the next generation
  • Tips for instituting company-wide change and surviving long projects

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