Object-Oriented UX

Decades ago, the development community experienced a revolution, moving the industry from procedural code to object-oriented code. Now, a similar revolution is happening within UX design. Across the globe, UXers are beginning to design in objects—objects that reflect users’ mental models, as well as behind-the-scenes CMSs and databases.

Object-Oriented UX helps business teams, designers, and developers create a shared language, smoothing out the product development process. More so, designing “objects first” will result in more intuitive systems that naturally reflect your users’ pre-existing thought patterns. Harmony at last!

With OOUX, you’ll design elegant, modular systems that can travel across devices with consistency and efficiency. You’ll create more relevant, contextual navigation pathways. You’ll create systems of interchangeable parts, fewer moving pieces, and less unneeded complexity.

This talk will take you through the basics of Object-Oriented UX and give you highly applicable tools to start implementing this bold new way of thinking.

Session Information

October 28, 2016 at 9:15 am