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Harvest User Insights from Real Users in the Real World

The success of product creation hinges on delivering customer value. Regardless of your way to create (agile, lean, startup etc.) you need user insights to deliver customer value. There are many ways to gather user insights: interviews, lab studies, profiling research, etc. But many of these techniques require skills and experience to avoid bringing back bias-tainted information.

The best, and least invasive, way to get your whole team contributing to user insights is through direct observation of real people, doing their real activities, in the real world.

This session focuses on one technique that participants can immediately put to work; ‘talk-aloud protocol’, aka ‘protocol analysis’. In this insight technique, you get real users to share their perceptions, preferences, and expectations while doing their real-world tasks in their real context.

This interactive session leads from the how-to description of this technique, to a live demo, then a showpiece with audience volunteers, rounding out with audience practice on each other.

Here’s what the session learnings will be like:

  • Learn the value of direct user contact for your whole team
  • Exposure to the four least-invasive observational techniques to limit biasing user insight
  • Learn and practice the how-to for talk-aloud protocol
  • Gain confidence to try this technique tomorrow!

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October 26, 2017 at 11:00 am

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