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Tina Arnoldi

Tina Arnoldi

Tina Arnoldi has more than a decade of experience in the technology and marketing fields.  Seven of those years were with a nonprofit where she served as IT Director, responsible for managing hardware, software, and writing custom reports with Crystal and SQL.

In 2010, she co-founded and served as the Director of Palmetto Technology Hub through 2012.  Tina wrote and received several grants from Google to support this initiative.   Her responsibilities included volunteer management, program planning, and marketing activities.  In 2013, her fifth Google grant was funded for a new initiative focused on tech training for nonprofits.

Tina is qualified in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords, is recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Marketing, and is an active member of the Google Partners program as she helps clients develop and manage their internet strategy.

Tina also has an MA in psychology and is a licensed mental health counselor, applying her knowledge about human behavior to marketing strategy.

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