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Wendy Merrill

Wendy Merrill

Wendy Merrill has lived sales, marketing and business development for over 22 years. In 2013, she formed StrategyHorse Consulting Group to help organizations and their teams to grow smart by applying thoughtful choreography to what are otherwise improvised (and inefficient) business development/marketing efforts.

Via StrategyHorse, Wendy passionately provides individualized, honest and pragmatic guidance to those who may categorize themselves as “sales allergic”.  She helps her clients to master the art of “selling without selling” through the intentional application of strategic business development. Her methods include the thoughtful curation of networks, understanding how to leverage relationships to exchange value, and embrace the “why” that drives the “what” behind everyone’s business.

Wendy is a prolific writer and speaker on how to grow smart; networking tips; employee engagement ideas; the importance of good leadership to growing smart, and how to effectively create an “unpaid sales force of passionate ambassadors” for her clients’ brands. Her clients include, but are not limited to: creative professionals, marketing/PR firms, law firms, and consultants, accounting firms, banks, real estate professionals, coaches, engineers and non-profits.

More information on Wendy’s approach, clients and services can be found on her website: www.areyougrowingsmart.com.

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