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Connecting Social Responsibility with Strategic Marketing

Strategic brand marketing has a unique opportunity to responsibly connect with social issues to increase brand value and customer loyalty. By way of three case studies, Andy Kovan will review three successful organizations that have integrated a strong social cause/issue with their strategic marketing, recognizing that at the center of each of the case studies is culture, and participants in culture.

These brands have been able to create deeper connections with the audiences and cultural communities to which they market. And, as a result, both the brand and the cause can mutually benefit from the effort, thus sustaining – and even advancing – the social issue; affecting culture in a positive manner. This reciprocal relationship between culture, communities/participants in culture and social issues can be affected by brands, if they approach the initiative strategically.

In the end, Kovan will present several best practices to be used as tools by marketers in strategic planning and development when attempting to impact social issues.

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November 12, 2018 at 9:00 am

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