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Supporting Design: Using Research to Inspire Designers

Let’s face it – designers are brilliant – but any designer will agree that when coming up with a departure from a current design, a spark is needed. Some sort of excitement that gets the creative juices flowing.

This is where qualitative research can help, and in many cases, can provide inspiration to many different options for designers to consider.  New design can be so much more than just changing the position of a button (and maybe even more than changing the color of that button too!)

Meena Kothandaraman of twig+fish research practice will discuss how qualitative research, when credibly applied, can truly inspire design teams by rallying around the human story. Qualitative research is uniquely positioned to focus on the ambiguous nature of humans, and embrace the abstract that represents all thing humans.

By bringing stories to light, and revealing gaps that can exist in human realities, Meena will share a few case studies that used research output and stories as an anchor to get designers excited, and eventually, have them excel with design options.

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November 12, 2018 at 11:00 am

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