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Announcing the Fourth Round of Speakers for 2015

Announcing the Fourth Round of Speakers for 2015

We’re thrilled, and honored to unveil the fourth round of speakers to join the Revolve 2015 roster. Be sure to check out their impressive credentials and register while there’s still time to SAVE. Don’t miss out on these rock stars, who are sure to inspire:

Stay in the know, we’ll be posting on-going Conference updates frequently over the next few weeks in the form of speaker spotlights and other salient tidbits. In the meantime, view the details about the conference, or check out all the speakers we’ve disclosed to date.

About Revolve Conference

Revolve Conference is the flagship event for those either making or hoping to make an impact in the creative industry. The conference brings together extraordinary speakers and practitioners from around the country in user experience, design, marketing, business operations, digital project management and content strategy.

Bring your curiosity, your appetite for good Southern food and your desire for a good time; Revolve Conference will be much more than just another conference.

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