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Anticipating & Demystifying Revolve Conference 2018

Anticipating & Demystifying Revolve Conference 2018

Whether you’re a Charleston native, or you’re traveling to our fair city for Revolve Conference 2018, there are questions you may have about what to expect.  This post is our attempt to answer your burning questions and address the mundane things you may not have yet thought about.  If we miss anything, please let us know (info@revolveconference.com), and we’ll update this post.

* We’d be remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to direct your attention to our solid Pre-Conference Tips!

Accommodations, Ground Transportation and Weather

For the best experience, we recommend that our out of town patrons stay at the conference venue, but there are other options available.  For those arriving by plane, train or automobile, we’ve condensed travel information which covers Charleston International Airport (CHS), the closest Amtrak Station, driving directions to the Charleston Marriott and options for getting around.  Being aware of weather conditions on the ground in Charleston can help to determine how you pack, to comfortably make the most of your time in the Lowcountry.

Venue Information

Pre-Conference Activities

On this year’s schedule, we’ve outlined suggested weekend activities early arrivers can indulge in, as well as a varied list of things to do.  For Saturday Night’s Shenanigans, we’ve highlighted WeFood’s Divali Edition. On Sunday evening, we invite you to join us at Republic Garden and Lounge from 5 mp to 6:30 pm to pre-register, meet, mix and mingle with fellow attendees.  

Conference Day Expectations

Revolve is all about the 3 C’s (Content, Connections & Community), and we feel that you’d best be able to capitalize on these if you’re comfortable.  While you can feel free to ditch the briefcase and heels, we expect attendees to be appropriately dressed and remain mindful of our strictly enforced Code of Conduct.

  • Registration Opens (on Monday & Tuesday) at 7:45 am
  • There will be signs and volunteers situated outside the hotel to direct you to the registration area
  • A hearty breakfast will be served from 7:45 am to 8:30 am on both days
  • Decadent lunches will be provided
  • Coffee, water, and tea will be available throughout
  • Our friends from Lucent Booth will be on hand to help you document a bit of your Revolve Experience

Revolve is more than just another conference!  So come armed with curiosity; a willingness to experience the food and culture of Charleston; and know that you’ll go home better for having had The Revolve Experience!

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