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Meet Nicole Cendrowski – Majordomo Extraordinaire!

Meet Nicole Cendrowski - Majordomo Extraordinaire!

Nicole Cendrowski reprises the key role of Majordomo for Revolve Conference 2017.  As majordomo, she will fill the traditional role of emcee, and help you navigate The 2017 Revolve Experience.

Nicole’s professional background encompasses Sales, Training, Marketing Communications, Web Development, Consulting and the ongoing Entrepreneurial experience.  Whatever Nicole puts her hand to, is done, and done well!  She’s been described as goal- and process-oriented; and is a strategic problem-solver who enjoys prospecting and networking.  In addition, she excels at strategic selling, negotiating and new business development; which along with her energy, drive and diverse business network make her a woman you want to connect with.

By day, Nicole is the Director of Engagement for A-LINE Interactive, a work-hard, play-hard web development and marketing firm that works with fun companies and non-profit organizations across Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina.  By night, she is the co-founder of Fireforge Crafted Beer Company, a brewery-in-planning.

For Nicole, family and living a full, meaningful life – doing what one loves and helping people at the same time, is what’s important.  Although she has moments of stubbornness, she’s been described as laid back, happy, curious and fun.  Nicole is the adventurous sort; her zest for life is such that she often feels like a kid masquerading in an adult’s body.  She loves all things related to the outdoors, from distance running and hiking; to mountain biking and backpacking.  She’s a lover of the farm-to-table movement, and embraces travel as a means of exploring different cultures. She’s a coffee lover; a wine enthusiast; and a beer connoisseur, elbow deep in the hops at Fireforge Crafted Beer, slated to open this fall in downtown Greenville, SC.  Fireforge exists to give people a place that ignites their spirit of adventure and exploration.

Nicole Cendrowski sees Revolve as a breeding ground for creative learning, and is excited at the prospect of mingling with other audacious and creative people at the conference.  On October 26 & 27, expect Nicole to bring her verve and charm to bear on her role as Majordomo for Revolve Conference 2017.

About the Event

Revolve Conference embraces, promotes and fosters the interdependence between Experience Design, Strategy, and Marketing disciplines. The event will feature innovative designers, creative thinkers, savvy marketing technologists and top-notch business strategists who will inspire you to do great work, move your ideas from concept to execution, and perhaps change your perspective on how you position your brand.

Moreover, Revolve delivers timely, relevant content, and provides opportunities for you to make connections that you’d deem valuable, both personally and professionally.

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