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The Lightning Talks on Day 2 of Revolve Conference 2018

The Lightning Talks on Day 2 of Revolve Conference 2018

By now it’s no secret that at Revolve we like to keep things fresh!

With that in mind, we’ve added Lightning Talks to our 2018 schedule.  After lunch on Tuesday, November 13, we’ll bring all attendees together and kick off our closing afternoon with three quick bursts of information on topics we can all identify with.

Y-E-S: The 3 Letters that Drive Agents of Change

John Wilson – Assistant Coach with the Charleston Battery, and advocate for adding fun, play, and passion into the mix of our daily lives.

John’s Lighting Talk:  Y-E-S: The 3 Letters that Drive Agents of Change

Save Your Sanity While Maintaining Your Creativity

Gwendolyn Bouchie – As Director of Marketing and Communications at Darkness to Light, she is no stranger to uncomfortable conversations or scenarios.

Gwendolyn’s Lightning Talk:  Save Your Sanity While Maintaining Your Creativity

Grab and Go - A Lightning Talk by Alicia Rodman

Alicia Rodman – As an Educational Consultant, Alicia is more often than not on the go and has learned the importance of grasping wisdom offered.

Alicia’s Session Information:  Grab and Go!

Although bite-sized talks, we guarantee that you’ll walk away with some kernel of truth that if taken to heart can positively impact your life.

About Revolve Conference

Revolve Conference is the flagship event for those either making or hoping to make an impact in the creative industry. The conference brings together extraordinary speakers and practitioners from around the country in user experience, design, marketing, business operations, digital project management, and content strategy.

Revolve is more than just another conference!  So come armed with curiosity; a willingness to experience the food and culture of Charleston; and know that you’ll go home better for having had the Revolve Experience!

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