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Meet Adam Connor – A Consummate Creative!

Meet Adam Connor – A Consummate Creative!

Adam Connor is an easy going guy who describes himself as an open book.  Underlying the professional hats that he wears – designer, consultant, author, illustrator and speaker/champion of UX/UI usability, is his love of the creative process, and fascination with how each new project can affect an emotional response in its users.

At his core, Adam is the consummate creative. He enjoys making things – from his current backyard deck construction project, to building stop motion animation characters, props and sets; to trying his hand at a new recipe.  Adam is an accomplished illustrator, and chronic doodler drawing inspiration from movies and cartoons of the 1980’s.  He admits that doodling is second nature to him, and that he invariably doodles when he’s trying to work out an idea or sort through something of concern. Give him a piece of paper and a writing instrument and he’ll produce a monster. You can see, purchase and commission his work here.

Adam attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied Film and Animation, he then went on to University of Massachusetts – Amherst where he graduated with a degree in Computer Science.  After college, Adam worked at MassMutual as a Senior UX Designer while providing ux design and consulting to web development efforts that included video game UI components via his company Little Green Toaster.  Adam was subsequently hired at Mad*Pow where he rose through the ranks to his current position as VP of Organizational Design & Training.  Along the way, Adam co-authored the book Discussing Design: Improving Communication and Collaboration through Critique with Aaron Irizarry.   In this book which has been touted as ‘… essential to understanding the work and thinking that goes into design …’ Adam and Aaron present a comprehensive framework for helping design teams give and receive critique.

In the grand scheme of things, Adam Connor is a happy man.  He considers himself lucky, and privileged to do what he loves for a living, live in New England, work from home and spend quality time with his wife and children.  He enjoys travelling with his family, being outdoors, and kayaking.

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Discussing Design: Improving Communication and Collaboration Through Critique

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Revolve Conference embraces, promotes and fosters the interdependence between Experience Design, Strategy, and Marketing disciplines. The event will feature innovative designers, creative thinkers, savvy marketing technologists and top-notch business strategists who will inspire you to do great work, move your ideas from concept to execution, and perhaps change your perspective on how you position your brand.

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