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Get to Know Ben Fanning – The Burnout Specialist!

Get to Know Ben Fanning - The Burnout Specialist!

Ben Fanning is a professional speaker, whose presentations focus on leadership and influence; employee retention and productivity; career transformation and sales growth.  He is a Leadership Columnist with Inc. Magazine, #1 bestselling author of The Quit Alternative, a  Newfield certified coach, specializing in executive, and career coaching; and he was the driving force behind The Weekly Spark, a marketing and management podcast.

The Ben Fanning that we encounter today has personal experience with dramatic career transformation, which gives him credibility with those currently walking that route.  Ben grew up dreaming of working in a corner office, only to realize that in actuality his dream amounted to a waking nightmare (daily three-hour round trip commutes, 80 hour work weeks, and difficult bosses).  Ben eventually acknowledged that he was the common element in all the jobs and difficult bosses he’d cycled through; that he was the weak link that needed shoring up.  Through a process of self-discovery, conscious effort to change his thought process, and approach his work differently, Ben experienced a paradigm and attitudinal shift.  The end result being that Ben went from living the life of a burnt out professional, to where he now espouses the idea of career transformation – the belief that we have power over our own destiny, and can ‘bloom wherever we’re planted’.

Since rebounding from burnout, Ben draws on his experiences to encourage frustrated professionals and teams to rekindle their passion for the job and get to the next level in their careers.  Much of his work builds on his desire to be of help to people; to serve by training, teaching and coaching.  As such, in addition to traveling and speaking, he founded The Quit Alternative Training Academy  – a virtually instructed step-by-step course (based on his bestselling book) that teaches one how to create a job one can love.  He trains owners of big businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs of all stripes, and creates what has been referred to as The Fanning Effect.

As busy as he is professionally and serving in his community, Ben is intentional about spending quality time with his wife and daughter.  He is a fan of the outdoors, hiking and playing tennis.  He is quite the engaged father – tandem bike ridingkayaking with his daughter; and coaching her soccer and basketball teams for the last few years.  Ben’s wife describes him as being energetic, positive and optimistic, and indicates that he has the capacity to generate quite a number of (sometimes crazy) ideas to solve problems that come to his attention.  She also shares, that he has a highly evolved sense of fun that has resulted in their home doubling as ‘Practical Joke Central.’  Ben has training in improv and storytelling, and has on occasion performed at Theater 99, Charleston’s home for improv comedy.

All told, Ben Fanning is a walking testimony to the power of career transformation. In the early days, he felt that he was such a poor writer that he blogged under an assumed name.  Today, he has gone from an anonymous writer too scared to own the work he shared, to an international #1 bestselling author; leadership columnist, and prolific blogger in his own right.

Head over to Ben’s website, sign up for regular updates or reach out to him directly via email – Ben@BenFanning.com

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