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Meet Cami Travis-Groves – Good Juju Spreader!

Meet Cami Travis-Groves – Good Juju Spreader!

For over 25 years Cami Travis-Groves has been a force to reckon with in the design world.  If she’s not designing for clients that include solopreneurs and multi-billion dollar firms, then she’s teaching design and typography, volunteering, speaking or digging into the mechanics of quantum physics. She is also author of the book, Get Out of Your Rut! through which she encourages creatives to step away from ‘business as usual’ and boldly explore new sources of inspiration, or creative expression.  Cami is an active part of the Kansas City Design/Marketing community.  She’s a member of the local chapters of the AIGA, American Advertising Federation, and currently serves as president of The Freelance Exchange of Kansas City.

Cami is readily recognizable by her color-tipped locks, and widely known as a spreader of ‘Good Juju’. But really, what does that mean? … Colloquially ‘Juju’ means energy; it’s the experience of positive and negative forces all around us, the powerful stuff that we pick up on everywhere when we let our intuition take the reins.  In context, ‘good juju’ encompasses positivity, supportive relationships and intentional purpose.  If you’re even slightly acquainted with Cami, you’d know that she is eternally optimistic, and has a talent for effortlessly finding and focusing on the silver lining.  She excels at seeing the good in others, and alters the dynamic of any room/situation she walks into. That said, encountering instances of condescension and unfair treatment absolutely annoy her, and she’ll quickly step up to defend the underdog.

Cami considers herself both lucky and grateful to be married for 23 years, and to have raised two children who make her proud.  She describes herself as a ‘Euro Mutt’, indicating that she can claim at least seven European countries in her lineage, not just Irish as one might assume based on her 12-year support of the Kansas City Irish Festival (KCIF).  During the time she volunteered with the KCIF, Cami made herself indispensable – she chaired the contest, travel, and culture cafe committees; designed programs, maps and signs; shuttled entertainers to and from the airport, and instigated the brewing, baking, knitting and photography contests.  Whew! Did we mention that she’s got a lot of energy?

Cami approaches life with a joyful abandon that mirrors her favorite season – Spring; bubbling with life, bright colors and hope.  An ideal day for Cami starts with a workout, includes intermittent play time with her kittens The HMS Calvin and Sid Hobbes, a decadent lunch, doing something artistic (like henna); and ends with a delicious cocktail in hand.  Cami enjoys reading historical fiction and the occasional Terry Pratchett novel, but Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books take pride of place on her bookshelf.  Additionally, she adores travel (given a choice between fine jewelry and travel, wanderlust wins hands down), and is an occasional Netflix binge-watcher. Cami shares that her taste in music runs to the somewhat obscure, which of late includes the likes of Guggenheim Grotto, Caro Emerald and MisterWives.

To Cami Travis-Groves, genuine enthusiasm about anything is supremely contagious, and she intimates that ‘…there’s an amazing good juju feedback loop that happens when you’re jazzed about stuff.’

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