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Get Aquainted With Cheryl Smithem – Connection Maven!

Get Aquainted With Cheryl Smithem - Connection Maven!

As the principal and founder of Charleston PR & Design, Cheryl Smithem is tightly woven into the fabric of the Holy City, where she is known for honest, and no holds barred feedback. She is well known in the PR, Tech and Marketing communities; and is actively involved with Lowcountry Local First, Center for Women, Charleston AMA, and the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

Professionally, Cheryl has over 33 years of experience working in various positions/organizations; and as a consultant for businesses and non-profit organizations which span the medical, educational, legal, fashion, art, real estate/marketing and tech industries.  Over time, her specialties have expanded to include creative direction, public relations planning, crisis communications, social media messaging development and planning, SEO strategy for client websites, and marketing strategy development.

The creativity that underlies Cheryl’s professional success is also evident in her personal life.  It’s not widely known, but Cheryl is a classically trained lyric soprano, who has performed at weddings, and sung with her local church, and community choirs.  Another outlet for the creativity that seems to course through Cheryl’s veins is poetry. She began writing poetry during her high school years, eventually became a member of the Poetry Society of South Carolina, and once functioned as a reader for the Piccolo Spoleto Sundown Series. She bravely shares her poetry with the world via her blog – Poetry, Scribblings and Thoughts.

Cheryl finds cooking relaxing, and intimates that rather than follow a recipe by rote, she favors the ‘feel and taste’ method; an approach that has resulted in some stellar meals, but some admittedly epic fails as well. Cheryl’s love of cooking is complemented by the joy she derives from entertaining friends, and sharing the perfect bottle of wine, which for her is a ‘lovely red … fruit forward, [but] not too sweet.’  In her off hours, Cheryl also enjoys reading for pleasure, taking walks in the woods, and birdwatching.

Cheryl Smithem is the Connection Maven!  It’s not a trumped up appellation that she goes by for effect, it’s who she truly is.   By virtue of her artless charm, unfailingly positive attitude; genuine desire to help people be their best selves, and achieve their goals; and the fact that she has cultivated a web of contacts that blankets the Lowcountry, it’s no wonder that Cheryl is considered a good person to have on speed dial, should any crisis arise.

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