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Meet Dan Mall – A SuperCreative Man!

Meet Dan Mall - A SuperCreative Man!

Dan Mall is a creative director, advisor and serial entrepreneur based in Philadelphia, PA.  He is the founder and director of SuperFriendly, a design collaborative known for exquisite creative direction & design.  He is part of the brains behind Typedia – an encyclopedia for typefaces; Businessology – a podcast and workshop series teaching designers how to run better businesses; and co-founder of SuperBooked – a service that helps you find work with a little help from your friends.  Dan loves to teach, and in the past, has taught advertising at the Miami Ad School; web and graphic design at The University of the Arts; and Flash at the School of Visual Arts.  In addition, Dan is the author of Pricing Design, an A Book Apart publication; blogs about design and other issues, and is an inspired, sought-after speaker.

After years of working in an in-house setting, Dan believes that quality collaboration between the disciplines that compose a project is key.  When building the teams he organically creates to service the diverse projects SuperFriendly takes on, collaborative quality and fit is a core consideration.  Reflecting on the last several years, Dan deems the 9 month Apprenticeship program he offers through the SuperFriendly Academy to be one of his greatest professional achievements to date. He shares that the program was strategically conceived for people without web design or development experience, who are motivated to do something that could change their lives.

Without a doubt, Dan Mall leads a busy life that has the potential to pull him in various directions, but he adheres to a simple tenet that helps maintain both his sanity, and work/life balance.  In a nutshell, Dan’s weekday evenings from 6p, and his weekends are reserved for family time.  His family is very important to him, and everything he does is motivated by his love for them.  He expresses, that he wants his wife and daughters to live lives where they don’t have to worry about anything, and be able to say that he took care of them. Dan attributes the type of man he is today to the influence and wisdom of his wife Emily.

To relax, Dan listens to music and plays video games like Mario Kart 8, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  He’s also into sports, and plays with a pick-up Dad’s basketball league on Friday nights from 11p to 2a; and plays a few hours of racquetball with his wife on Sundays.  Dan shares that his favorite thing to do with his older daughter Siddalee is to go rock climbing, and with Charlotte to play with her baby dolls.

Dan was that kid who loved comic books, and had aspirations of becoming a comic book artist.  He identified with (read wanted to be) Superman, and family pictures from his preteen years feature him dressed in the superhero’s suit and cape striking the iconic pose. Grown up Dan is still a fan of superheroes and superhero mythology, so much so, that when asked ‘Marvel or DC?’  He unhesitatingly confessed to being a diehard DC fan.  (Hmm, SuperFriendly … SuperBooked.  Coincidence, or connection?)

Here’s a little more insight into Dan, the man behind the title ‘Creative Director and Advisor.’  Dan shares that he is purposeful; a listener, and a man who loves to eat – his favorite food of late being lamb chops. Dan collects sneakers!  He is a Nike fan, and his approximately 40 pair collection comes in colors to match his prevailing mood. As far as pet peeves go, Dan dislikes being interrupted, and is irked when teachers display poor spelling.

All told, Dan Mall is a grounded, articulate mix of humility, whimsy and courage, who has been described as ‘a great creative and a technical talent’.  He offers this bit of advice to young designers – ‘Be realistic in your self-worth and recognize what you do well, but be humble and willing to learn from others.’

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