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Meet Darren Kall – User Experience Champion!

Meet Darren Kall - User Experience Champion!

Darren Kall is an avid public speaker who makes himself available to lead interactive workshops or present on UX strategy; user insights and research; innovation, design, product evaluation, and how UX can Make Things Better.  He currently functions as Managing Director for two companies – Specific Clarity and Security UX.  Specific Clarity is a user experience company that helps other companies to create stellar product/service experiences specifically for their customers, employees, and all types of users. Security UX guides their clients through a user experience approach to designing or improving security, privacy, and identity and access management interactions.

Although Darren currently resides in Dayton, Ohio, he grew up in New Jersey with his deaf grandfather.  For Darren, the experience of living with a hearing impaired relative was normal, and didn’t detract from their fun, or from his grandfather’s penchant for inventing and creating things. Darren essentially became his grandfather’s interface with the world – both defender and interpreter. As he grew older, Darren became aware of the way his grandfather was treated outside of the home, and realized that the world we live in was designed for those without disabilities. To Darren’s way of thinking, there wasn’t anything ‘wrong’ with his grandfather; it was technology that was flawed – designed without consideration for the needs of people with disabilities. It still pains Darren to stumble across things, particularly technology interactions that aren’t properly designed, and as a consequence, he is highly motivated to make things better.

Darren attended Rutgers University where he double majored in Studio Art Design and Experimental Psychology; degrees that on the face appear to be polar opposites, but to Darren are two sides of the same coin. He is of the belief that scientists and artists have much in common – they both discover, transform and create; one systematically, and the other with a free form approach. He indicated that he needed to pursue these degrees simultaneously to satisfy both sides of his nature; and that his degree in Cognitive Perceptual Experimental Psychology from Dartmouth College equipped him to be ‘better paid than being a starving artist’.  Today, under the umbrella of Kall Art, Darren takes on public and private commissions for sculpture and painting.

Darren is an easy going and approachable man, who is unerringly curious and open to learning new things.  Although he leads an extremely busy life, he finds balance in his creative pursuits, and hiking, kayaking and canoeing with his wife and son.  Notwithstanding his professional success and influence, Darren intimates that if he won the lottery, he would single-mindedly pursue art and his other creative outlets – beekeeping and gardening, because he derives greater, and more sustained personal rewards from such endeavors.

The Darren Kall we meet today is the product of his experiences and observations growing up in New Jersey with a deaf parent.  He is a trailblazer in the UX community, drawing on his background in cognitive and perceptual experimental psychology to marry end-to-end customer and user experience design and strategy.  He is also an obstinate believer that UX encompasses not only visual design, or the tactical skills to build the front end of things, but at its core is a way of thinking that requires science, engineering, and art.

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