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Learn About Eleanor Handley – Bonafide Theater Lover!

Learn About Eleanor Handley - Bonafide Theater Lover!

As a Communications Consultant, Eleanor Handley has over 16 years experience in professional development, management and communications training.  Her career in training began when she worked for Peers and Players in Australia, a position she was able to maintain after relocating to New York.  Eleanor currently functions as a Lead Trainer for GK Training and Communications, where she specializes in strengthening communication tools for increased impact and influence; and conducting group and individual training across the legal, finance, tech, pharmaceutical and academic sectors.

Eleanor is the youngest of four siblings in a family she jokingly refers to as the Australian von Trapps’’ (making reference to the fact that in her family, the love of music was encouraged).   Eleanor plays the piano, flute and has sung in choirs from a very early age.  It was through music that Eleanor discovered her love of acting and the theater.  At age 12, the Country Children’s Choir that she was involved with put on a production of Cabaret.  Once exposed to the costumes, bright lights and applause, Eleanor fell in love, and decided that this is what she wanted to do with her life. After high school, Eleanor pursued a bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts, and fixated on New York City as the only place she would consider doing her post-graduate work. Her determination to live, and immerse herself in NYC – the theater capital of the world, paid off when she secured a scholarship to attend The New School for Drama where she earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting. In the ensuing years, Eleanor has lived her dream, performing in theaters all over the east coast, and making television appearances.  Today, Eleanor is a gifted actress and director, known for John & Cindy, Outcall and Lawrence.

When she’s not working, Eleanor enjoys going to the theater (she confesses to being a ‘Theater Nut’ and relishes attending when she’s not on the stage), and catching up with friends over dinner and wine.  She intimates that one of her most favorite things is “the sound of the first pour from a great bottle of wine…and then drinking it with wonderful friends.”  When asked what makes her happy, she indicates that travel and family bring her joy.  In typical unpretentious manner, she says that there must be something in the water in Melbourne, Australia where she grew up, because her entire family has itchy feet – always wanting to travel.  She enjoys exploring new places, cultures and cuisines, and has a particular love of Tulum, Mexico specifically Cabanas La Luna.  She’s happy to road-trip, or jet off to visit her siblings who are scattered across the globe; and when she’s home in Australia, her go to relaxation spot is Whitesbeach in Torquay, Victoria.

Eleanor is a spontaneous and fun-loving woman (fondly described by her husband as strong, beautiful and creative) who takes life by the horns, and determinedly sets fear aside to embrace the excitement of greeting new experiences. Case in point, her move to New York in 2005, though carefully planned, meant that she was moving half-way around the world, to a new city where she knew no one. Of her latest adventure – impending motherhood, she indicates that logistically, they’re ready for the baby’s arrival, but on the emotional side – not so much.  So, she stands at threshold of this new enterprise, equal parts terrified and excited to meet her daughter.

All told, Eleanor Handley is a woman who is happy with her life. She indicates that if given the opportunity for a do-over, she wouldn’t change a thing in her past, as all that came before was necessary to building the life she now lives. She shares that if money were no object, the only impact it would have on her life, is that she would travel more, and be busier producing more film and theater.

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