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Get to Know Mariah Hay

Get to Know Mariah Hay

Mariah Hay currently functions as the VP of Product at Pluralsight, where she leads nine global product teams.  Before joining Pluralsight, Mariah served as a Professor at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where she developed and directed graduate coursework focused on interdisciplinary collaboration and the integration of tangible design thinking on all levels of strategy, planning and management.

Prior to SCAD, Mariah served as the Director of User Experience Design for Universal Mind, (one of the largest independent digital agencies in North America) and AMC Health.  While at AMC Health, lead development of the company’s remote patient monitoring software that connects with medical devices and clinical services.

As a thought leader in human-centered design and user experience strategy, Mariah enjoys working with teams to craft excellence for the end user. She shares her knowledge and passion for human-centered design by serving on the board of the Women’s Tech Council of Utah and actively mentoring aspiring designers.  In addition, she is the founder and co-organizer for Ladies that UX Salt Lake City Chapter and co-organizer for Product Hive, a community of product managers, strategists and designers that come together to learn, contribute and connect, through volunteer-led opportunities.

Away from work, Mariah enjoys giving back to the design community through pro-bono engagements at local schools and universities, exploring new cities, and spending time sampling craft beer with her partner Joe.

Her Session Information:

First Do No Harm: Ethics in Product Design

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