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Learn About Ilise Benun

Learn About Ilise Benun

In 1988, Ilise Benun was fired from her second job after college. Instead of looking for a new job, she angrily vowed to never work for anyone again. Anger, regardless of what fuels it, is an immensely powerful emotion; how it is channeled can have an immediate (and often positive) impact on one’s life, as well as long-term repercussions. It certainly did for Ilise. Fast forward to 2018, and Ilise has successfully reinvented herself from a language major working in the fashion industry into The Marketing Mentor!  As the Marketing Mentor, Ilise provides business coaching and accountability for creative professionals who want more control over their business. She’s happy to work with clients one-on-one and in groups, online or via the telephone.

Ilise practices what she preaches and shares insights gleaned from years of observation and personal experience.  She is all about forging meaningful connections and holds to the belief that nothing beats the power of in-person interactions for cultivating relationships.  Ilise enjoys working closely with people interested in evolving and growing, personally as well as professionally, and finds gratification in the process.  True mentor that she is, Ilise doesn’t hand out rules or formulas to follow. She tailors her advice to each client, striving to provide what they need when they need it — no more and no less. Her mantra lately is, “You lead, I guide.” And to do that, her clients need to be committed to the process to derive full benefit. A bit of advice?  Pay close attention to what Ilise says, because she’s not the type to ‘blow smoke’ or pound you over the head with direction. If you’re not paying attention or ready to receive, you can miss her subtle suggestions.  Suggestions that if you grab hold of, and run with, can have life-changing effects on your perspective and, by extension, your business.

When she’s not gently guiding a client toward their destiny, Ilise enjoys cooking and walking her dog Fanny Brice (named for a character in her favorite childhood movie – Funny Girl). She also enjoys reading; listening to podcasts and watching documentaries, pastimes all influenced by her love of history, and desire to keep abreast of the current political climate.

For all of Ilise’s success, she remains an infinitely warm and approachable person, attributes that underpin her success as a business coach, author, and national speaker.

Her Session Information:

Bat-Signal Content Marketing

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Revolve Conference is the flagship event for those either making or hoping to make an impact in the creative industry. The conference brings together extraordinary speakers and practitioners from around the country in user experience, design, marketing, business operations, digital project management, and content strategy.

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