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Meet Jerry Cahalan

Meet Jerry Cahalan

Jerry Cahalan is the founder and CEO of ClickGiant, an internet marketing firm located in Charleston, South Carolina. Although ClickGiant is recognized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the company also excels in web development, design, content creation, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management, display advertising, social media management and review building for clients spanning diverse industries.

In 1997, Jerry started in Media Sales and eventually transitioned to business development for a full-service ad agency.  At that time, advertising focus was on print, radio, billboards, and television, but many of the agency’s clients were interested in web design, PPC management, and organic SEO.

With the overwhelming demand for SEO support, Jerry began managing Google AdWords campaigns, and was astonished to find that he could drive quality leads to clients, for as low as $1 per click! That was a lightbulb moment!  Jerry realized that organic SEO was the vehicle that could move client websites to the top of the natural listings in the SERPs at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.  After researching ways to drive more traffic to client’s websites, Jerry determined that elements of web design and conversion optimization were key.

Over the last 20 years, Jerry has worked with brands that span a range of industries like Scout Boats, KB Home, Nectar Sunglasses, McDonald’s, Vintage 1946 and Units Portable Storage.

Jerry shares some insights into the power of content-driven SEO through detailed case studies in this blog post which has been the topic of a few podcasts recently.

In his off work hours, Jerry is usually in his ‘66 Ford Fairlane, or on his ‘79 BMW.  Equally fun for Jerry is whipping his 11-year-old son on the basketball court or pretending he’s a fly fisherman.

His Session Information:

How Content-Driven SEO Can Put You in The Top 5

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