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Meet Katie Kern – Media Guru & Fashionista!

Meet Katie Kern - Media Guru & Fashionista!

Katie Kern currently functions as the VP of Marketing and Public Relations at Media Frenzy Global.  At MFG, Katie is ultimately responsible for the implementation and success of communication strategies, media relations, company acquisitions, product launches, crisis control, media training, and integrated internal and external marketing, while managing and mentoring her team of PR and marketing professionals.

Katie holds degrees in Communications and Media Studies, and Psychology from Augusta State and Georgia State universities respectively; and is a certified life coach. After college, Katie gained experience in various disciplines as she moved from Boston to Charleston, and finally to Atlanta where she now lives and works.  Along the way, her proficiencies in branding, advertising, PR, copy writing/editing, web/graphic design, and product/event promotion were refined. Before her hiring at Media Frenzy Global, Katie founded, and managed CircaPR, a lifestyle public relations firm that employed a fusion of public relations, viral marketing, cross promotions, events, product placement, and web activity in its publicity campaigns.

When she’s away from work, Katie has a passion project that embraces her love of fashion.  She is the founder of Fashion in Atlanta (FIA) – a movement to fuel Atlanta’s growing fashion community, by spotlighting and connecting industry professionals with valuable resources and networking opportunities.  Her love affair with fashion finds its roots in Charleston, where she served in various roles for Charleston Fashion Week, and founded CircaPR.  During this time, Katie adroitly planned and executed fundraisers, runway shows, trunk shows, designer meet and greets, and provided clients with overall image consultation.

Katie was raised in a family that nurtured self-assurance, alongside an awareness of social injustice, and groomed her to actively do her part in ameliorating it.  As a consequence, Katie has volunteered with the YWCA of Greater Atlanta, accepts speaking engagements, and participates in mentorship programs with initiatives like the BStem Project, TechSquare Labs/Atlanta Startup Battle, and EnvisionLeadGrow. The result being that Katie has exposed young women of color to many options, including entrepreneurship and coding, which could lead to financial freedom.

Career and passion projects aside, Katie aspires to live her best possible life, and embraces self-care. For Katie ‘living her best life’ means engaging life without fear. As such, she takes every opportunity to do things that fear might preclude, and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  With regard to self-care, Katie recently began transitioning to a vegan lifestyle; and although she admits to being a workout addict, she has also mastered the art of relaxing and just being still.  The concept of self-care extends to doing the things she loves, which includes travel (her favorite destinations to date being Paris and Punta Cana) and attending live music performances.

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