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Learn About Elliot Carlyle – Facilitator of Dreams!

Learn About Elliot Carlyle - Facilitator of Dreams!

Elliot Carlyle is the President and a Founding Partner of Weston Carlyle Inclusive; and with his business partner Mich Weston, is actively engaged in influencing people and brands in a manner that aligns with his personal mission of ‘building people for global influence.’   His proficiencies encompass public relations, event management,  creative direction and/or media services in the fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle industries.  Elliot is a chameleon, able to effectively embody the roles of empowerment speaker, mentor and author; workshop clinician and panelist; publicist and philanthropist as needed.  In addition, he is the host of #ecLIVEat10 (aka Destiny Conversations) via Facebook Live where he speaks with influence architects that he’s either worked with or come across in his day to day walk.

Elliot grew up in Crestview, Florida, where as an only child, his life was steeped in music (his instruments include the organ, piano and voice), and for a time he served as music director for his local church.  Throughout his high school years, Elliot was the poster boy for glee club, even going off to college on a music scholarship, where the course of his life took a dramatic turn.  In a required business class, Elliot was assigned the project of creating a business plan for a fashion magazine. To the uninitiated, the world of fashion is a mystery, and Elliot’s research gave him a view of the fashion industry that resonated with him so deeply that he ultimately quit music school, and got on a plane for New York to attend his first Fashion Week.  Over the ensuing years, Elliot systematically moved from one position to the next, honing his skills and learning all he could about the fashion industry from the ground up. In 2012, Elliot took the next step in his life plan and enrolled at The Art Institute of Charleston where he earned the degree which has added credibility to his significant skills.  Fast forward a mere five years, and Elliot is a major presence in the fashion and entertainment scene that is unique to Charleston, South Carolina where he now makes his home.

Elliot is gregarious, engaging and easy to be around.  He is the guy next door; the friend that will tell you the truth whether or not you want to hear it; and he is the one who will reassure you that you aren’t crazy, and gently guide you along the route to apprehending your purpose. Elliot was raised by his parents (both retired air force personnel) to be honest, true to himself, make informed decisions, and to confidently express himself.  As a consequence Elliot has been ‘the voice’ of reason and direction for many from as far back as high school.  He intimates that throughout his life, no matter where he’s been, or what he’s been involved with, that people have always been the element that most excites him. He shares that he is humbled when entrusted with people’s dreams, and feels privileged to facilitate so many in recognizing and embracing their purpose. He says that it isn’t something he takes lightly; he views every opportunity to positively impact a life, as a blessing.  As such, he is always exploring new opportunities, and avenues to reach people and affect their lives.

When he isn’t out and about living his purpose, Elliot enjoys taking long leisurely walks, watching movies, and reading biographies about successful people, to gain insight to their back stories.  Elliot enjoys travel, and indulges his habit of collecting fashion magazines when he does.  He admits to being a complete foodie, and shares that for him, the food scene is part and parcel of Charleston’s charm.

Society defines success in terms of money, fame or fortune.  While Elliot concedes that these can be by-products of, he asserts that they are not the embodiment of success. To his way of thinking, one is successful when one is living his divine purpose and making a difference in people’s lives.  The general consensus, again by society’s standard, is that success is about money, and that money makes you wealthy.  Elliot begs to differ; he defines real wealth as ‘having the resources (people, places and things) you need in order to live out your purpose and then some overflow.

I’d say that by his own definition, Elliot Carlyle is an infinitely successful man!

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Sleeping With the Laptop: Success From the Bedroom to the Boardroom

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