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Learn About Sabine Lenz – The Paper Queen!

Meet Sabine Lenz

To many, PaperSpecs Founder Sabine Lenz is known simply as “The Paper Queen.

Sabine was born in Siegen, Germany, and has lived in Tasmania and Sydney, Australia, where she first made paper by hand.  However, it was in a small garage in Palo Alto, California that she was inspired to create the online paper authority that ultimately became PaperSpecs. (Actually, it was at a small creative agency in that city, but “founded in a garage” is pretty much the unofficial slogan of all Silicon Valley businesses.)

Sabine shares her spot-on knowledge of the latest printing and finishing techniques with designers and other industry professionals through weekly Paper Inspiration videos produced for PaperSpecs.  (PaperSpecs PRO members receive the latest swatchbooks, promotions, personalized paper help and much more).  Sabine has spoken at various conferences, including HOW Design Live, Dscoop and PRINT; and has served as a print competition judge, where she has the opportunity to see firsthand just how far today’s designers are willing to push the envelope creatively.

With “question everything” as her mantra, Sabine loves to read and paint in oils.  Over the years, longtime viewers of PaperSpecs’ Paper Inspiration videos will have glimpsed many of her canvases in the background.  Sabine enjoys puttering in her kitchen and is known for her desserts and cookies, especially around Christmastime.  In her downtime, Sabine can be found enjoying a cup of tea, watching an indie film or sampling new and adventurous epicurean delights.

Her Session Information:

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