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Learn About Von Glitschka

Learn About Von Glitschka

Von Glitschka was born and raised in Pacific Northwest specifically Olympia, Washington and graduated from Seattle Art Institute.  He has called Salem, Oregon his home since 1991.

After working 15 years as a graphic designer, art director, and creative director for design firms, in-house art departments and agencies, he founded Glitschka Studios in 2002. The studio is a small multi-disciplined boutique creative firm that works with a diverse range of clients. His firm found it’s niche creating ‘illustrative design’ for brand-centric projects.  A vast majority of their work is in the capacity as a hired creative gun for ad agencies, in-house design departments, marketing agencies and startup entrepreneurs.

Glitschka Studios is a two-person firm.  Von works with his daughter Savannah on some of the most respected brands in the world, but they still enjoy transforming the identity for small businesses as well.

Von has authored six books on design and creativity, and his book Vector Basic Training is industry standard in many design programs worldwide. In 2011, he became an author and producer for Linkedin Learning and continued to develop new engaging courses on design, illustration, and marketing. He also produces his weekly creative series for Linkedin Learning out of his home studio called DVG Lab.

Von enjoys communicating using practical and humorous narratives, laced with relevant information, creative insights, and inspiring conclusions. He has spoken at such events as SXSW, TEDx, AIGA, HOW Design Live, Creative South, Creative Pro, InVision, and Adobe MAX.

When Von isn’t working for his clients, he’s usually reading one of his favorite authors, or writing out ideas for a novel of his own. He always finds time to work on his art projects for no other reason than to be creative. He loves to travel, explore old buildings and environments, go texture exploring, and experience new cuisine with his wife.

Known to his close friends as Vonster, he is geeky, likes to post clever quips on his twitter account, enjoys gardening and taking care of his Koi pond.  Two of his favorite life quotes are:

“God loves you, that proves he has a sense of humor.” – Mad Magazine

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”  – Mark Twain

His Session Information:

Creatively Recalculating Your Daily Design Routine

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