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Get to Know Gil Shuler

Meet Gil Shuler

Gil Shuler was raised on a farm in Sumter, South Carolina by hardworking parents who taught him the value of hard work, good craftsmanship and strong relationships. Gil shares that from an early age he was a doodler, but his fascination with drawing can be traced back to when he was around the age of 6, when his parents added onto the house. Young Gil determinedly, and enthusiastically attempted to draw the plans for the remodel, incorporating architectural elevations with the use of a ruler. It didn’t take his parents long to notice his affinity for art and offer to get him art lessons.  Later in life, Gil added a proficiency in oil painting along with a love of the fine arts, but it was during his sophomore year at Western Carolina University that Gil discovered Graphic Design and found his creative niche.

Gil has been described as an easygoing guy, who will call a spade a spade. He readily admits to ‘having a problem with authority’, and wanting to do things his own way, hence the push to open his own agency (obviously a good decision!) and step away from the in-house position he held at the time. Today, he runs his shop the way he manages life – with grace, integrity, honesty and a desire to laugh as much as possible.

Gil Shuler
Photo by J Flethcher

When he’s not working, Gil enjoys spending quality time with his wife, hanging out with friends, and fishing. Gil’s love of fishing played a role in his move to Charleston; is reflected in his company logo; and he indicates that ‘… getting out in the harbor, creeks, or open ocean always inspires and refreshes [his] soul.

His Session Information

Exploring the Branding Process From Initial Ideas to Final Art

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