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Meet Jim Krause

Meet Jim Krause

Jim Krause has a motto:  ‘Work when you’re working, and don’t when you’re not’.  Which, to put it another way, simply means that Jim tries hard to keep his mind from wandering when he’s at his desk, while also shielding his brain from job-related b.s. during playtime. This work/life strategy has functioned nicely over the years and has given Jim a high level of resistance to burnout out as a creative pro.

Professionally, Jim operates under the guise of Pixelfly Creative, and his work involves design, photography, illustration, the writing of many books, and the creation of many instructional videos. When he’s not working, Jim can usually be found keeping his mind on truly important things like speedy bicycles, gorgeous hikes, fascinating birds, engrossing books, tasty espresso, and art projects that have little or nothing to do with his job.

His Session Information:

If Your Job’s Gonna Be a Circus, Why Not Make it a Fun Circus Where You’re the Ringleader?

About Revolve Conference

Revolve Conference is the flagship event for those either making, or hoping to make an impact in the creative industry. The conference brings together extraordinary speakers and practitioners from around the country in user experience, design, marketing, business operations, digital project management and content strategy.

Revolve is more than just another conference!  So come armed with curiosity; a willingness to experience the food and culture of Charleston; and know that you’ll go home better for having had the Revolve Experience!

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