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Meet Nathalie Heywood Smith

Meet Nathalie Heywood Smith

Nathalie Heywood Smith has been described as curious; and as an action-oriented advocate for social justice.  She is as committed to helping others move their ideas from dream to reality, as she is to figuring out how groups of people can work together effectively.  That said, it’s obvious that her passions have driven her career choices, and philanthropic endeavors.

After graduating from Fordham University, Nathalie started her professional career at Update Inc., by developing new business opportunities for the recruitment agency. While at Update, Nathalie created a division focused on recruiting and placing creative talent; started the first internal marketing team; and originated the business model that ultimately became the blueprint for the corporation.  By 2016, when Nathalie left Update, she had attained the rank of Vice President, and had held a seat on the corporation’s executive board.

After twenty-plus years at Update, Nathalie founded Heywood Smith Consulting (in 2016), via which she partners with startups and established high-net worth corporations, to build strategic and fiscally sound teams.  Concurrently, Nathalie also functions as the Director of Memberships for InSource (the professional association for in-house creative leadership and management), with responsibility for attracting new members, and creating opportunities for current members to network within the community.

In addition to her professional activities, Nathalie engages in numerous social justice initiatives.   She spearheads the SPARK Program at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), which helps at risk students to develop professional skills, build resumes, create portfolios and connect with corporate entities.  Internationally, Nathalie has served as Vice President and Founding Board Member of the Duncan Tree Foundation. The Foundation’s express mission is to bring health, wellness and medical treatment to underserved communities; and they have performed over 100 surgeries in Jamaica, Trinidad and the Philippines.

As engaged as Nathalie is, she finds the time to indulge her K-drama fetish, read voraciously, and travel constantly in search of new conversations, new friends, and new ideas.

Her Session Information:

Inspire, Build, and Optimize Your Creative Practice . . . From Vision to Execution

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