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Meet Vanessa Charles – Writer Extraordinaire!

Learn About Vanessa Charles

Vanessa Charles is a shoe enthusiast, fashionista and intrepid traveler masquerading as a writer. Originally from the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Vanessa is the manager of global functions and internal communications for Boston Scientific, a global medical device company in Massachusetts. She is also the managing editor of the company’s internal global publications (but has yet to master the art of writing snappy headlines).

At Boston Scientific, Vanessa is responsible for leading internal communications that inspire and engage more than 29,000 employees by connecting them to the company’s mission, values and each other. Always on the hunt for the next opportunity, Vanessa’s career has spanned industries and geographies. Long before she joined the team at Boston Scientific, Vanessa started her career as a crime reporter in North Carolina, after receiving a bachelor’s in journalism from the University of South Carolina – Upstate. Having enough of the gritty underbelly of life, she pursued a master’s in Mass Communications from the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!) While there, she honed her skills in the communications department at DAODAS, a cabinet-level government agency in Columbia, South Carolina.

After, a brief foray into state government, she tested the waters in Native American tribal government, where she was the spokesperson and public relations officer for the Hopi tribe in northern Arizona. After a few years of desert living, she was recruited to Massachusetts by National Grid, a multi-national energy delivery company, and even scored a sweet expat assignment in the company’s headquarters in London. Next, Vanessa ventured into the world of biotech and medical devices where she remains starting first with Genzyme (formerly Sanofi), a French-owned, global bio-pharmaceutical focused on developing therapies to treat rare diseases.

Along the way, the former reporter and PR strategist lent her skills to condensing complex business objectives into digestible, relatable content for global audiences. When she’s not working on delivering strong content and trying to craft snappy headlines, Vanessa is constantly searching online for the next travel adventure that includes something intrepid like shark cage diving, safaris, riding camels in the Sahara or eating something not readily sourced in a local grocery store. To date, she’s visited more than 20 countries, and lived in three others on two continents … so far.

Her Session Information:

Writing and Editing to Engage: Delivering Compelling Campaigns

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