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Meet Nikki Villagomez – Cultural Typophile!

Meet Nikki Villagomez - Cultural Typophile!

Nikki Villagomez is a wife, mother, designer, typophile, blogger, author and nationally renowned speaker.

Nikki was born and raised in Greenville, SC.  She left Greenville to attend Louisiana State University after being awarded a full tennis scholarship.   At LSU Nikki played tennis, met her husband (on the men’s tennis team) and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. After graduation, Nikki moved to New York City to begin her career as a designer.  After 3 years in New York, she moved to Columbia, SC, where she worked as a freelance designer. During the 9 years that she lived in Columbia, Nikki founded the South Carolina Chapter of AIGA, served as its president for 2 years; and taught Graphic Design and Typography at the University of South Carolina for 5 years.  Nikki and her family then relocated to Hudson, OH where she was offered a position as Senior Designer at Dixon Hughes Goodman.  While in Ohio, she taught a semester of Typography at the University of Akron.  Currently, Nikki is the Creative Studio Manager for Dixon Hughes Goodman at the firm’s headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

At heart, Nikki is a graphic designer with a deep and abiding love of typography. As the scope of her work and tools narrowed from freelancing with a kaleidoscope of colors and a vast reservoir of fonts, to being an in-house designer with a mere 2 fonts and 16 pantone colors, she found that she needed a creative outlet to feed her spirit and keep her inspired.  She started writing a blog, which fueled by her guileless, enthusiastic response to letters, glyphs and signage, shares the anthropological insight of someone acutely attuned to her environment; and what it can teach us about both our past and our present. Nikki has a fondness for ghost signs, manhole covers and graffiti; and has a tendency to imbue the fonts she is discussing with personality traits in an effort to convey how she is affected by them. Her blog posts have garnered a following of like minded creatives, and buzz from the blog has led to various speaking engagements, podcasts, workshops and interviews. This resulted in Nikki writing a book which presents side-by-side travel photo comparisons that speak to the ways that culture influences typography.

Nikki Villagomez is a woman humbled by the widespread interest in her hobby, that has opened unforeseen doors to her. She is living proof that when you love something it shows, and will make a path for you to move forward and share it.  In the future, she hopes to share her insights internationally with her talk ‘How Culture Affects Typography.’

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