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Personal Branding Makeover with Thomas Heath & Sarah Adams

Personal Branding Makeover with Thomas Heath & Sarah Adams

Join us on Thursday 19 October when Business Coach and Brand Strategist Thomas Heath hosts the first of two Facebook Live sessions, as he does a Personal Branding Makeover with Sarah Adams.

Thomas has been working with Sarah on better defining and building her personal brand. Thomas has been coaching Sarah on her goals of building her brand online, with a special emphasis on social media (@Sarah_P_Adams) and her website.

Episode 5 of “Personal Branding Makeover” with Thomas Heath coaching Chef Sarah Adams on her personal brand. Find Sarah at: www.sarahpadams.com. We’ll do the “reveal” episode on Thurs. Oct. 26th at 12 Noon EST live from the Revolve Conference in Charleston!

Posted by Thomas Heath on Thursday, October 19, 2017

About Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams is a Charleston native and has been a presence in the food scene in the city for over sixteen years. She started honing her skills in hospitality front of house in high school and college in some of Charleston’s most iconic restaurants.

Sarah is also known for her trendsetting social media influence, philanthropy, and a voice for inclusion and equality within the restaurant industry.

About Thomas Heath

Thomas Heath is one of Charleston’s most popular business coaches and brand strategists. As a coach, he is passionate about helping business people fine tune their branding and messaging to increase revenues or build their personal brands.

Episode 1: The Personal Branding Makeover

Episode 2: The Personal Branding Makeover Reveal

On October 26, Thomas and Sarah will be back to broadcast the reveal, live from Revolve Conference.


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