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Get to Know Reginé Gilbert – Accessible Design Advocate!

Get to Know Reginé Gilbert - Accessible Design Advocate!

Reginé Gilbert started her career in design as a fashion designer, gradually made the move to corporate information technology, and has worked with such companies as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and The Jones Group.  She is passionate about accessibility, design and technology, and believes that ‘Good UX’ starts and ends with the user.  She is an advocate for both the user and the customer; is a vocal proponent for, and educator of accessible design which adheres to guidelines for visual, auditory, mobility, and cognitive conditions as they relate to user experience.

At present, Reginé works as a Senior UX Design consultant, and UX Design instructor at General Assembly. When asked what she would do if money were no object, without hesitation, Reginé responded, that she would do exactly what she’s doing now, reiterated her love of UX design, and added that teaching brings her immense joy. In fact, Reginé makes it a point to find joy in the ordinary, and intentionally exposes herself to new things on a daily basis.  She indicates that life is a series of learning experiences that have led her to the place she’s at now; that even the difficult circumstances have value, in that they teach us about ourselves.

Reginé is a native of California, but over the years has lived and worked in Arizona, Nevada and Florida.  She has been a resident of New York for the last 12 years, and definitively calls it home.  She indicates that her favorite things about the city are the people, its history, and that she is constantly learning new things.  That said, Reginé is active in her community – she is a longtime volunteer with NY Cares; has taught at Citizen Schools; and in 2015, she participated in the Ms Harlem Shake Competition representing Children’s Aid Society-Dunlevy Milbank Center.  The Dunlevy-Milbank Children’s Center is a community facility that provides medical, dental and mental health services, in addition to after school; Saturday and summer programs, as well as youth development services.  When she’s not working (or volunteering somewhere), Reginé appreciates nature, and can often be found taking long walks.  She enjoys roller skating, an eclectic mix of musical genres, and loves to dance.

Reginé Gilbert is a quietly confident woman who knows who she is, what she likes and is supremely comfortable in her skin. She is a warm, authentic and positive presence, endowed with exceptional interpersonal skills and a remarkably strong commitment to personal growth. Although Reginé asserts that she is ‘not what she does’, she believes that it is her natural talent for empathy, that makes her an exceptional UX Designer.

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