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Learn About Sophia V Prater

Meet Sophia V Prater

Sophia V Prater is a User Experience Designer with a background in product design. She graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2006 with degrees in Industrial Design and Industrial & Product Design.  Sophia then spent almost ten years leading the UX charge at various high profile institutions – CNN, AT&T, Tracfone, Napa Auto Parts, and the Australian Taxation Office to name a few.

In 2014, Sophia was ready for a professional change. Motivated by her convictions about how she wanted to live life and utilize her expertise, she founded Rewired – a UX studio based in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, GA.  Rewired represented a major paradigm shift for Sophia. She went from being an employee to being a business owner; from focusing her talents on big business to concentrating her efforts on startups, social entrepreneurs and non-profits; from having project design dictated to her to having carte blanche.

Sophia shares that being a UX designer defines her.  She intimates that she absolutely loves what she does for a living and even if she had a million dollars, she’d still practice as a designer.  Sophia indicates that a lot of what she does as a designer is tantamount to the untangling of knots, literally getting inside an idea or a project and straightening it out – rewiring it to best meet the needs of each particular client.  Her current clients include Delta Airlines, Mastercard, and Credit Karma; and her projects range in scope from education and technology, to politics (CNN results experience), to working with institutions core to Atlanta such as The History Center and The Woodruff Art Center.

Sophia is passionate about the way she’s chosen to make a living and has strong feelings about the way design projects should be run with regard to planning and processes.  She is convinced that Object-Oriented UX is the future of web design, so she writes and speaks internationally on the subject. Sophia is the lead organizer for Ladies That UX – Atlanta; recently launched UX Hustle Summit – a UX career conference in Atlanta, and actively mentors aspiring UXers.

Above all, Sophia loves Atlanta and is thrilled to have a part in making it a better place to apply life skills, via Rewired.

Her Session Information:

Designing Digital Objects; A Crash Course in Object-Oriented UX

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