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Speaker Spotlight – Clark Wimberly

Speaker Spotlight - Clark Wimberly

Clark Wimberly describes himself as just an ‘Average Guy’, but we beg to differ!

Professionally, Clark has a healthy mix of freelance, startup, and agency experience.  Although he currently holds the position of content designer at InVision, he technically fills a marketing role there as well, as he travels to represent the company at speaking engagements and judge events like the STRV Apple Watch Hackathon.

His exposure and experience with design date back to his high school years. Whilst in high school, Clark was the ‘art kid’ always drawing, painting and taking photographs.  Add to the mix that his father sold and installed computers for a living, and Clark was exposed to technology as well.  It should therefore, come as no surprise that while Clark was part of the Art program at Texas State University he was already making decent money on the web doing design and static HTML/CSS.

Clark is all about learning, improving his craft, and sharing his epiphanies and experiences.  As a result, he regularly attends events such as the WordPress Austin Meetup; takes pleasure in sharing his exploits, expertise and knowledge by speaking, teaching e-courses and writing.

Clark Wimberly is funny, energetic and engaging, with a zest for life.  He enjoys time with his wife outdoors, camping, hiking and relaxing at the lake near their house. He clearly has the gift of hospitality; and is in his element with the grill going, entertaining friends, and indulging in goofy party games.   In addition to entertaining, his love of cooking elevates him to total foodie status. His video recipe blog The Tastiness and online recipe reservoir – Chowdown (a plain text recipe database for hackers) bear witness.  From all indications, Clark is a down to earth, fun-loving and approachable guy.

Clark indicates that his greatest, and most noteworthy life achievement is his marriage to Angie, who he met while attending Texas State in 2003. He leads a satisfying life – stimulated and successful professionally; convivial and contented personally.

Average Guy’?  We think not!

Other Information

This Fall Clark will travel to the Holy City  to share about Design Workflow with Sketch during his session for Revolve Conference at Sterling Hall, located in the Upper Historic District of the City of Charleston.

Revolve Conference embraces, promotes and seeks to foster the interdependence between the Design, Business, and Marketing disciplines. The event features the gathering of disruptive thought leaders, talented speakers and trailblazers from around the country to share road-tested insights over three days.

Attendees can customize their personal agenda by choosing hands-on workshops on October 26, or keynotes and breakout sessions on October 27 & 28 with an aim to improve their craft, collaborate with industry peers, and learn cutting edge trends and best practices in a relatively short time.

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