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Speaker Spotlight – Erik Reagan

Speaker Spotlight - Erik Reagan

Erik Reagan is a lifelong learner who seeks to empower individuals, leaders, startups and entrepreneurs through education, training and coaching.  He was born, raised, and still resides in Savannah, Georgia where he is a co-founder; and the Operations Director at Focus Lab. Focus Lab is a strategic creative studio that employs a team proficient in discovery and strategy, branding, interface design, communications, multimedia production, and development solutions, all with a view to helping diverse entities leverage growth.

Erik, and by extension Focus Lab, is firmly woven into the fabric of Savannah’s creative community.  In the past, Erik has partnered with ExpressionEngine – a multi-purpose content management system developed by American software company EllisLab, to conduct private training and consulting, public conferences and online blogs like NETUTS+ and EE Insider.  He is a supporter of The Creative Coast, a non-profit organization that collaborates with The Savannah Economic Development Authority, to cultivate an environment in which creative or innovative endeavors and entities can thrive.  In addition, Erik is an investor/advisor at Watson Works, a relatively new company that builds on the premise that effective communication can lead to stronger, more effective teams, superior leadership and increased employee morale; all of which have a positive effect on a company’s bottom line.  Sidecar is a dynamic example of how Focus Lab chooses to elevate and illuminate design craft in Savannah.  Via Sidecar, a knowledge and experience base is made available to teach, challenge and motivate up and coming designers.

Although community minded, Erik is careful to maintain balance between his work and home lives.  He cherishes time with his wife and children, and has put things in place to digitally disconnect and be fully present when at home with his family.  Music has always been a touch point in Erik’s life, so much so, that in college he initially studied music with the intention of becoming an educator, before switching his major to Computer Science.  Although it is no longer the center of his world, he still plays the guitar, and dabbles with a few other instruments.  Erik leads a full life, and of necessity regularly seeks out pockets of solitude for reflection and regeneration. He often takes off for the beach to clear his head, gain some perspective and come back to the fray with a sense of well-being and clarity.

We’ve all heard the adage ‘still waters run deep’, and it’s certainly true of this quiet and unassuming man.  Erik Reagan is a man forged in the fire of experience; anchored by his faith, and content in the life he’s been blessed with.  Erik maintains that on this journey we call life, all experiences have merit – particularly those we perceive as failures.

Other Information

This Fall Erik will travel to Charleston to discuss The Realities of Failure, during his keynote for Revolve Conference at Sterling Hall, located in the Upper Historic District of the City of Charleston.

Revolve Conference embraces, promotes and seeks to foster the interdependence between the Design, Business, and Marketing disciplines. The event features the gathering of disruptive thought leaders, talented speakers and trailblazers from around the country to share road-tested insights over three days.

Attendees can customize their personal agenda by choosing hands-on workshops on October 26, or keynotes and breakout sessions on October 27 & 28 with an aim to improve their craft, collaborate with industry peers, and learn cutting edge trends and best practices in a relatively short time.

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