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Speaker Spotlight – Jono Young

Speaker Spotlight - Jono Young

Jono Young, a UX & Web/App designer by degree, is the embodiment of a modern day renaissance man. By virtue of his diverse work experience, he has acquired skills that allow him to take projects from “Discovery to Launch.” His capabilities run the gamut from Design Discovery and User Research, to Branding and Logo Creation, to Front End Development and Search Engine Optimization, to Sales and Multi-Channel Marketing.

As a former member of an Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) team, he created design services and methodologies that increased employee and customer satisfaction while also providing profitable projects and new areas for revenue growth.

Jono is a man driven by his passion for learning, and “is happiest when … teaching or helping one or more people accomplish something new.”  This dedication to discovery and instruction is evidenced by his stint as an Adjunct Professor at the Art Institute of Charleston, and more so by the formation of WePiphany, LLC – a company he founded “out of a desire to give back to the design community, and a dream of starting a new kind of publishing company.”  By way of WePiphany Books, he aims to share his secrets, insights and potentially change the way we consume published media. Even the designation of the company speaks to Young’s passion for discovery and teaching.  He indicates that, “A WePiphany occurs when two or more people learn something new or accomplish something together.  It’s that ah-ha moment when you finally feel good about what you’ve been doing. It is when you have discovered a new level of success.”

Other Information

This Fall, Jono will join us on October 29 to discuss Minimum Viable User Experience (MVUX) during Revolve Conference at Wild Dunes Resort. The conference represents a convergence of extraordinary speakers and practitioners from around the country who will share road-tested insights on how to effectively realize ideas.

This year’s event concentrates on three main tracks, each with a specific focus:

  • Design and User Experience
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy

Additionally, some sessions will offer an insight into areas planned for the following year – content strategy, leadership, project and operations management.

Attendees can customize their personal agenda by choosing sessions with an aim to improve their craft, fulfill goals, and learn cutting edge trends and best practices in a relatively short time. Revolve Conference will be much more than just another conference; bring your curiosity, your appetite for Southern food and your desire for a good time.

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