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Speaker Spotlight: Lauren Stitely Cook

Speaker Spotlight: Lauren Stitely Cook

For the last several years, Lauren Stitely Cook has functioned as a Digital Marketing Manager for Blue Ion, a full service digital marketing agency based in Charleston, SC.   Lauren’s job covers a multitude of disciplines which include building websites, logos and identity systems creation, social media, publishing, marketing, new business development, and she can often be found speaking at conferences.

While in high school, Lauren was a nerdy jock who ran track, and took karate for ten years.  In addition to her athletic pursuits, she displayed a marked interest in arts, crafts and drawing evidenced by a considerable accumulation of art supplies; an interest that persists to date.  In her twenties, Lauren moonlighted as a model, and has recently acknowledged being a lifelong feminist.  She describes herself as a thinker, and shares that she hates job titles, which almost never describe what one actually does. Lauren is motivated by creativity, and indicates that flexibility is necessary for the best creative output, as it allows one to go down the rabbit hole with an idea, yet affords one the freedom to switch and adapt.

Lauren mixes her organizational skills with love for her family and giving back to her local community. Along with a dedicated committee, she helps plan the annual beach 5K race ‘Run for Adela‘ to honor her husband’s sister, and keep her legacy vibrant.  Via The Adela Holmes Cook Foundation, race day funds benefit Camp Happy Days, the Ronald McDonald House, and provides a scholarship to a 5th grade Meeting Street Academy student to attend Charleston Day School for grades 6-8.  With the help of Camp Happy Days, Adela’s Extreme Teen Water Weekend hosts teens with cancer and provides a carefree setting for them to enjoy the things that Adela loved to do – camp out under the stars, go gigging, fishing, crabbing and experience all that the Lowcountry has to offer.

From all indications, Lauren is warmhearted and sociable. She’s always in motion, is a ‘constant cackler’, and loves being outdoors. When she isn’t sharing time on the water with her dog and husband, she’s entertaining family and friends in their backyard cook shed, complete with a bar.  If you spend any time with Lauren, you’d realize that she is passionate about making transformations – whether it be turning random scraps into art, remodeling a boat, exposing children to the outdoors or exposing the energy behind a brand, whatever she’s doing her joie de vivre shines through.

Other Information

This Fall Lauren will contemplate Evolving Old School Brands for (Frickin’) Millennials during her session for Revolve Conference at Sterling Hall.

Revolve Conference embraces, promotes and seeks to foster the interdependence between the Design, Business, and Marketing disciplines. The event features the gathering of disruptive thought leaders, talented speakers and trailblazers from around the country to share road-tested insights over three days.

Attendees can customize their personal agenda by choosing hands-on workshops on October 26, or keynotes and breakout sessions on October 27 & 28 with an aim to improve their craft, collaborate with industry peers, and learn cutting edge trends and best practices in a relatively short time.

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