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Speaker Spotlight – Ryan Stout

Speaker Spotlight - Ryan Stout

Ryan Stout is an affable guy, who describes himself as hopeful and optimistic.  In addition to being a husband and father, he serves as a Partner & Strategist at Astute Communications – a full-service interactive marketing agency in Nashville, Tennessee that he runs with his wife Anna.  Prior to coming on board at Astute, Ryan led the Enterprise Healthcare Staffing efforts at Vertek Solutions where he placed Healthcare IT professionals nationwide, and earned the distinction ‘Recruiter of the Year’ for two consecutive years.

Ryan hails from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he grew up with parents who were both business owners; a circumstance that allowed him to experience, and appreciate how business ownership influences family life.  When asked how running a business with his wife affects the dynamics of his family, he admitted that being constantly in each other’s pocket can be trying.  However, he also credits it with strengthening communication between them, and indicates that in essence, working together has made their relationship stronger.  Ryan indicates that if he had the opportunity to ‘do-over’ the last ten years of his life, he would take more chances, encourage his wife to start the business earlier; and step away from corporate America sooner to join her.  He shares that of the two, he is the more conservative, but acknowledges that the combination of his cautious personality, and his wife’s audacious nature results in a balance that is an asset to Astute.

Ryan Stout is an accomplished writer who contributes thoughtful, and quietly impassioned pieces to the Astute blog.  Away from work, he is a talented guitarist who enjoys watching the Red Sox, and is an enthusiastic Arsenal FC fan.  He can often be found at the zoo, playing in the park with his sons, or flying his drone.  When he’s not outdoors, he spends time reading, and listening to an eclectic mix of music.  His latest ear bug band Tame Impala hails from Australia.

Aside from his efforts at Astute, Ryan is an active member of the Nashville chapter of the American Marketing Association (NAMA), and is part of the Sponsorship Committee for TEDx Nashville.  Although Ryan enjoys comedy, he should not be confused with his namesake comedian.

Other Information

This Fall Ryan will travel to Charleston to discuss The Economy of Content: Why Supply and Demand Should Guide Your Organization’s Content Strategy, during his session for Revolve Conference at Sterling Hall, located in the Upper Historic District of the City of Charleston.

Revolve Conference embraces, promotes and seeks to foster the interdependence between the Design, Business, and Marketing disciplines. The event features the gathering of disruptive thought leaders, talented speakers and trailblazers from around the country to share road-tested insights over three days.

Attendees can customize their personal agenda by choosing hands-on workshops on October 26, or keynotes and breakout sessions on October 27 & 28 with an aim to improve their craft, collaborate with industry peers, and learn cutting edge trends and best practices in a relatively short time.

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