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Speaker Spotlight – Sean Sheridan

Speaker Spotlight - Sean Sheridan

Sean Sheridan is a wildly successful man, who does, and shares what he’s passionate about with the world using various media. He effectively fills the related roles of Humanitarian Photographer, Crisis Photojournalist, Author and Speaker; and has spent nearly two decades elevating people and brands through storytelling. From revealing the dignity and power of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, to demystifying the most influential leaders and celebrities of our time, Sheridan is known for capturing the untold stories of transformation that inspire and unite mankind. Sean has traveled to more than 60 countries, and his live shows and written works have captivated audiences within mainstream media, sports, politics, Fortune 500 companies and countless cause-minded organizations.

Sheridan is the author of Testimony Africa, a book about the terrible beauty of AIDS, genocide, and hunger in Africa, and also Wahl STORY, a book about renowned graffiti artist Erik Wahl. He shot and produced numerous movement-building films, such as a piece for Athletes in Action that reached more than 300 million viewers during the 2010 World Cup. He has also contributed his writing skills to various diverse initiatives, including the marketing plan and CD-ROM for Bill Gates’ best-selling book The Road Ahead and the promotional strategy for Gates’ second book, Business @ the Speed of Thought.  Sean is also a responsible member of society, and has recently launched a series of black and white prints to benefit the Young Life‘s Malibu Club in Canada.

Sheridan’s work has been featured in SMITHSONIAN magazine, GOOD, and The Daily Beast; showcased on the cover of The Washington Times, in numerous books including best-sellers The Locust Effect and UNthink; at TED and other leading conferences, and in countless development agencies and gallery exhibitions.

It is obvious to anyone scrutinizing his work, that he views it not just as a job, but as an extension of who he is, a means of sharing his perspective with the world. The power of Sheridan’s work lies in his determination to “ … harness the power of presence, … and… embrace [the] emotion …” of what his camera focuses on. While the accolades and awards he’s received give testimony to just how accomplished he has become at his life’s work, they still fall short of gauging the measure of the man. To approximate the complexity that is Sean Sheridan, one needs to intentionally seek the motivation behind the photo, the film, or the book which can, in some cases, clearly be interpreted by perusing his commentary.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas. He is available for domestic and international assignments, depending on schedule, and takes a limited number of destination shoots each year. His company, 4:Minute.Media, brings together experiential designers, award-winning filmmakers and a Pulitzer-prize winning photojournalist to help clients tell stories of transformation in the world’s most difficult places. To date, the company’s projects have been leveraged to help nonprofits raise hundreds of millions of dollars to support life-giving interventions around the world.

Other Information

This Fall, Sean will join us on October 30 to share The Power of Story: What Every Marketing and Creative Professional Needs to Know during Revolve Conference at Wild Dunes Resort. The conference represents a convergence of extraordinary speakers and practitioners from around the country who will share road-tested insights on how to effectively realize ideas.

This year’s event concentrates on three main tracks, each with a specific focus:

  • Design and User Experience
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy

Additionally, some sessions will offer an insight into areas planned for the following year – content strategy, leadership, project and operations management.

Attendees can customize their personal agenda by choosing sessions with an aim to improve their craft, fulfill goals, and learn cutting edge trends and best practices in a relatively short time. Revolve Conference will be much more than just another conference; bring your curiosity, your appetite for Southern food and your desire for a good time.

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