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Get Acquainted with Thomas Heath – Life & Business Coach!

Revolve Conference 2017 Speaker Spotlight - Thomas Heath

Thomas Heath was born and raised outside of New York City, and graduated from New York University with a dual degree in Marketing and Television/Video production. He has called Charleston, SC home since 2005. Thomas cites being ‘allergic to snow’ as a major reason for the move, which allowed him to ‘slow down his Type A personality’, and brought about a lifestyle change for Thomas and his family.

After spending upwards of 15 years in Corporate America specializing in software sales, Thomas and his wife Judy co-founded The Life Guidance Center – a counseling, coaching and therapy facility with a staff of 18, in Charleston. The Life Guidance Center is the largest facility of its kind in South Carolina.  At the center, Thomas is in private practice as a business, career and certified life coach (with a focus on branding and messaging); and has been characterized as confident, focused and sharp. He is also regarded as someone who can be depended on for insightful advice; to provide clarity, strategy and accountability; and be the positive motivator that pulls the process together. With regard to his approach to coaching, Thomas says ‘I do what I do to be in service first, and let the profits follow.’

In conversation, Thomas nonchalantly describes himself as a ‘husband, father and a young grandfather who happens to own a few businesses’.  In addition to The Life Guidance Center, he is founder of Thomas Heath Coaching and soon will launch a firm focused on Personal Branding for CEOs.  Thomas wears the mantle of teacher and storyteller – by day he strategically guides people along the path to fulfillment in life; and by night he is an accomplished storyteller who has written for both stage and screen.  His work has played to sold-out audiences and earned him (and his wife/writing partner Judy) accolades, including a Theater Mania Award, and the honor of being Playwrights-in-Residence at Charleston’s  Threshold Repertory Theater. Thomas also draws on his background in marketing and video production to help his clients engage their customers through storytelling videos.

It’s important to Thomas that he give back to the community he embraces as home. As such, he serves as a Community Coordinator with 1 Million Cups Charleston (1MC), and is a Columnist for the Charleston Regional Business Journal.  Additionally, he holds a position on the Membership Committee of the Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce; functions as a Small Business Council Advisor, and is Co-Chair of the Chamber West Steering Council of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.

When Thomas isn’t working, he finds joy in family get-togethers where his children and grandbabies share time with him and his wife.  He thoroughly enjoys the dynamic of writing with his wife, and delights in travelling the world with her – they have a soft spot for Ireland, and have returned there several times.

If you’ve been fortunate to interact with Thomas Heath, you would concur that he is interesting, energetic, adventurous, and a fun person to be around. You may have been pleasantly surprised to learn that he enjoys gardening and is particularly proud of his roses. You would be amused if you witnessed him randomly adjusting any off-kilter picture frames he encounters, ‘to improve the visual aesthetic of the room’. Conversely, discourteous behavior, spotty silverware and toothpaste tubes squeezed at the middle make him just a little crazy.  Quirks aside, Thomas is optimistic by nature, and believes that regardless of what circumstances we are faced with, we should always ‘argue for the possibilities, not the limitations’.

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