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Meet Tina Arnoldi – Google Meister & Lifelong Learner!

Meet Tina Arnoldi - Google Meister & Lifelong Learner!

Tina Arnoldi is a Marketing Strategist whose specialties include Google Analytics and Google AdWords; she is recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Marketing, and is an active member of the Google Partners program.  Through her company 360 Internet Strategy, Tina has consulted with, and trained clients as far flung as Canada, Switzerland, Berlin, and Australia, helping them to develop and manage custom-made digital strategies.  With graduate education in psychology, she enjoys applying what she’s learned about human behavior to marketing.

Tina, who describes herself as laid-back, funny and a quick learner, grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey, spent her college and graduate school years in Michigan, Pennsylvania and California, and has chosen to make Charleston, South Carolina her home.  She loves the ambiance of the Holy City, but admits that the summer months are not her favorite.  She is a lover of life and of learning, and admits to having random across the board interests.  Take her educational background for instance, she holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology, is certified in Computer Technology, attended Penn State to study Criminal Justice, and has a certificate in Food, Nutrition and Wellness Studies.

Tina’s wide variety of interests keep her both active and engaged. She is an accomplished freelance writer and blogger, and for seven years served as IT Director for a non-profit. She co-founded and served as the Director of Palmetto Technology Hub, writing numerous grants to support this initiative. Tina is a seasoned presenter offering instruction on topics including Google tools and social media. Moreover, she has taught computer classes for Sixth Star Entertainment; sociology at Trident Technical College, and she occasionally teaches jewelry classes – ‘because doing only one thing is boring.’ Since receiving her LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) credentials in 2003, Tina has offered individual and group counseling to people experiencing a range of mental health problems, and has conducted psychiatric assessments as-needed.  All of this and we haven’t even delved into her volunteer activities!

As busy as she is, Tina has achieved work/life balance by setting and maintaining certain boundaries.  She doesn’t access work email on her phone, has disabled her Facebook account, turns off her computer by 6pm, and doesn’t work on Sundays.  When she’s not working, Tina can often be found reading novels in the John Grisham and Harlan Coben vein, or studying business books that promote influence and enhance decision making by such authors as Robert Cialdini.  Tina’s creative side is evident in the jewelry she makes from polymer clay, given as gifts to friends and sold in local stores.  But of greatest importance to her is spending time with family and friends, as she places more value on experiences than she does on things.

Tina Arnoldi is a delightful conundrum!  She is qualified and has experience in, at-a-glance unrelated topics which somehow meld to form the basis for a unique and lucrative career.  To make sense of the many facets of Tina, we need to acknowledge that she is a woman who welcomes a challenge, and enjoys learning new things. In fact, if money were no object, she would happily be a professional student and take more classes (than she does now).  Tina’s life philosophy is simple – to do the things she finds interesting when it makes sense for her to be the one doing them.

Tina’s Session at Revolve

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