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Learn About Wendy Merrill – Smart Growth Engineer!

Learn About Wendy Merrill - Smart Growth Engineer!

After spending more than 20 years in the insurance business, Wendy Merrill acknowledged that she needed a job that better suited her personality and allowed her to be more creative. After much internal debate, Wendy decided to sell her insurance practice and monetize an idea that she had been practicing for over 10 years but had never done professionally. In 2013, Wendy founded StrategyHorse Consulting Group.

Why StrategyHorse?  If you follow Wendy’s social media presence, it’s obvious that she loves horses (hence the horse metaphors and pictures). The genesis of the name is the proverb “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink…”. This theme underlies the conversation in most of Wendy’s client engagements.  She believes that we all have the power to succeed in reaching our full potential if only we would get out of our own way.  To do this, we need to be honest with ourselves, and focus on our individual value proposition to clients, community, family and friends. StrategyHorse addresses this inherent disconnect that prevents many professionals from achieving their potential through a Three Step Process designed to engineer smart growth.

Via StrategyHorse, Wendy has successfully advised political candidates/campaigns, law firms, accounting concerns, insurance/financial services companies, non-profits, creative agencies, manufacturing organizations and those in the consumer goods space.

Wendy is committed to encouraging, mentoring and empowering professional women and minorities in business, and is the proud recipient of the Greater Baltimore Committee‘s “Bridging the Gap” award for her contributions in this area.

Wendy lives in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and three children.  When asked how she balances her busy work and home lives, she responded, “My life is a seesaw and is forever in a state of organized chaos where I try to pick my battles and carve out a little time for myself.” She admits to being an avid Italophile and enjoys being outdoors, travelling, cooking for her family and writing. In addition to her abundant array of articles on LinkedIn, Wendy is currently working on a book based on her real life experiences in the professional trenches.

Wendy touts the formation of StrategyHorse Consulting, as the best business decision she has ever made.  She indicates that she now feels free to walk in her skin, think outside of the proverbial box, and is excited to go to work every morning.  That she gets paid to help people realize their best selves is a happy byproduct.

On her website Wendy says, “Growth for growth’s sake is stupid.” As the driving force behind StrategyHorse,  Wendy Merrill helps professionals and their organizations to grow smart.

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How to Sell Without Selling: The Art of Business Development

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