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360 Internet Strategy is a Revolve Conference Sponsor

360 Internet Strategy is a Revolve Conference Sponsor

360 Internet Strategy is a Google Partner, and the primary consultant, Tina Arnoldi, is certified in Analytics and AdWords. As the moniker suggests, 360 offers a comprehensive range of digital services and training, which include Email Marketing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimizaton, with a focus on Google products.

Training is offered both in person and online, with customized training available for companies. Tina’s goal is to empower her clients to make data driven decisions and assist in developing an internet strategy tailored for their specific business – profit and non-profit alike. Tina frequently speaks at conferences, such as DigSouth and Googlefest, and is a previous speaker at Web Afternoon.

Learn more about the services and training offered by visiting 360internetstrategy.com

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