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Palmer’s Adds to the Revolve Experience for a Third Year!

Palmer's Adds to the Revolve Experience for a Third Year!

Palmer’s has been a consistent and steadfast supporter of Revolve Conference, and we’re happy to welcome them back as a third time sponsor!

By reputation, Palmer’s has become synonymous with Cocoa Butter.  Appropriately so, as they’ve successfully incorporated cocoa butter into high quality moisturizers, stretch mark, scar and spot fading products, as well as body, face, hair and lip care.  In addition to the flagship Cocoa Butter Formula line, Palmer’s has developed brand ranges such as Skin Success, Shea Formula, Coconut Oil Formula Body, Hair & Facial Care, Olive Oil Formula, Suncare and Hair Success.  These brands, serve to reinforce and cement Palmer’s strong presence in the Hand & Body Care, Pregnancy, Mother & Baby, Hair Care, and Face & Lip Care market segments.

Under the umbrella of the Cocoa Butter Formula brand, Palmer’s has formulated a line for Men, which effectively combats rough, dry skin.  The body wash, bar soap and fast absorbing lotion soothes the skin of both the body and face, while its fresh scent invigorates without overpowering.  But wait, they’ve added products for the bearded and bald headed.  Check out the new Beard Oil and Bald Balm.

In addition to consistently offering products of high quality, Palmer’s is mindful of customer preferences. Palmer’s has intentionally incorporated natural and sustainable ingredients into its products, rendering them by and large free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten and dyes.  The Palmer’s Trademark and family of brands, is built on a foundation of corporate social responsibility. The company actively maintains memberships in the World Cocoa Foundation, the Global Shea Alliance; and routinely purchases responsibly sourced ingredients.  In the global community, Palmer’s is an involved neighbor having formed an alliance with Breast Cancer Care, and supporting the Young People’s Chorus of NYC.

Palmer’s, one of the longest standing beauty care trademarks in the United States, has been family owned since the middle of the nineteenth century, and under the current ownership since 1971. While Palmer’s is headquartered in New Jersey, it has a global presence with subsidiaries in Mexico, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and France. As such, Palmer’s products are available in over 80 countries, offering the #1 Cocoa Butter brand in the world. This unique heritage and commitment to quality has stood the test of time, making Palmer’s a trusted household name, used by families for generations.

Keep abreast of what’s happening in the world of Palmer’s – where to find products, how to effectively use existing products, new products, coupons/discount codes, and find out which community Palmer’s influencers will show up in next. #ChooseWhatsReal

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